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I was referred to CMS by a friend and I am very glad to have found them. I went specifically for treatment of lower back pain and allergies.
Although I’m only in my late 30’s, I’ve periodically struggled with back pain due to an injury in junior high school. The pain has been on and off through my life, however, with the most recent flare-up, the pain was not subsiding on its own. The pain was significant, especially after any type of physical exercise. It affected my sleep, and I had trouble getting into a comfortable position when sitting or lying down.  After living with it for over a year (and not getting much relief from Western medicine), I decided to give acupuncture a try.
New to acupuncture, I found Hudson’s approach to be very helpful. During my first few sessions I got an introduction of how Chinese medicine works, the principles behind it, and how I would be treated. I felt a good deal of relief after the first couple of treatments. I also noticed that acupuncture treatments had a lot of other positive effects – the most noticeable was a drastic increase in my energy level.
Before going to CMS, most days even after multiple cups of coffee, I felt sleepy all day. After acupuncture I had a much higher energy level and felt more awake. This positive side benefit has stuck with me throughout the months of my treatment. I also saw significant improvement with both sinus and allergy issues. My overall health and wellness has improved significantly since beginning acupuncture. I have zero back pain, and am not limited in any way. Even when doing heavy lifting during yard work, I don’t have to deal with pain flare ups for days or weeks afterward. My allergies have also been much better. I no longer have to take allergy medication on a daily basis during the spring. My immune system has improved (I get sick less), and I just feel better and more energized.
I would highly recommend Hudson Doyle, Dr. James Doyle, and CMS to anyone who is interested in trying acupuncture or who suffers from a chronic condition. I trust both their treatment and guidance.
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