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I met Hudson at a Health Fair at Boston College in Newton and he gave me a free consultation on what was bothering me physically and mentally. The consultation was very thorough and I was asked questions that I have never been asked by any health care provider. My concerns were tension in my neck, base of my head headaches, cramping during menstruation, and energy levels. Hudson advised that I would be a good candidate for acupuncture and I was not apprehensive about the needles, they actually intrigued me (they don’t hurt at all.) Hudson told me that I would be responsive to acupuncture treatment and created a plan for me. Treatment takes time but the results were profound. Slowly the headaches and tension around my head and neck subsided and slowly my cramps during menstruation were minimal to nothing at all. Before seeing CMS, I would take Ibuprofen at least 1-3 X a week for my head/ neck aches. He also recommended that I start taking a Chinese herb blend to help facilitate the process. It is recommended to visit twice a week in the early stages and as your health increases, you have your visits less frequently. My experience at the CMS was incredible! They are helpful, thorough and you feel a difference! I am a student and they worked with what I could afford so that helped my stress levels go down. Overall, I recommend CMS to anyone looking for a different approach to medicine and my favorite part of the process is taking time to relax and care for your body. I think in our busy, hectic lives we need to take time to unplug and just relax and listen to our bodies. You only get one body- treat it right! See for yourself! You will not be disappointed! 🙂
–Keala G
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