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For the last twenty years I have dealt with chronic pain from arthritis in my lower back, neck, knees and ankles. Exercising and even walking was so painful. I have been on many medications for most of those twenty years. I began having pain and photosensitivity in my eyes in 2011. In the fall of 2011 I began working with Hudson Doyle and Dr. James Doyle of CMS and, using a combined therapy of acupuncture and herbs, I have been relieved of my back, neck, knee and ankle pain. I have been able to get off of the fluid retention medication because I am now eliminating fluid regularly, on my own. My eyes are improved and I no longer have pain and light sensitivity. I walk and exercise almost every day and continue to feel better because of my acupuncture treatments. I would recommend CMS to anyone who wants to live a pain free, drug free, healthy life.

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